Volume 1 Chapter 2

Looking down I notice a strange grey tentacle like thing wrapped around my ankle.

“Oh daAMN!”

Without further warning I was tugged hard by the slimy little bastard and dragged toward the Oasis. I try in vain to grab hold of some weeds but they were unfortunately not as sturdy as I had thought.

Within the span of a few heartbeats I was dragged into the pool. Struggling I try to pry the thing off, thankfully I got a good breath before my plunge but this is a rather dire situation!

It was then that I noticed my eyes saw perfectly underwater, probably due to my lizard like appearance. What I saw was both horrifying and rather interesting. The thing that holds me captive is some sort of… double sided eel…

It has two heads, one on each end of its body, one head rapped around me and the other was swimming down trying to drown me. Neat! Also creepy! I calmed down a bit and a thought came to mind.

When I first saw the thing around my leg I thought the obvious… KRACKEN! But it was just an Eel.

So, using my brilliant mind I came up with a strategy for escape! With all my might I bite the damn thing and ripped out a good chunk of its flesh, in the process I lost a bit of sorely needed air… okay it wasn’t the best idea but it worked! The thing started making a screeching sound and let me go.

I swam like I never swam before! And reached the surface, inhaling deeply I quickly got out of the water. The Eel floated to the surface, well it was writhing in agony so I doubt it meant to do so.

Even so I see this as a good opportunity!

I quickly went to the side of the pool (being careful of the locals this time), and grabbed the slippery bastard! It seemed to be slowing down; I must have really hurt it.

Wasting no time I flung it out of the water! Well half way out, the thing is about four meters long so unfortunately it took me a few tosses to shore the little jerk.

It tried in vain to get back in the water but a good old-fashioned rock to the head stopped that from happening.

The other head seems to have already died, I really did tear it a new one… literally. I bit half way through its body, seems like it doesn’t have bones.

Looking at it closely, each head kind of resembles a Lamprey… creepy. Well I found what I’m going to eat at least. And all it took was a near death situation… I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

I take some of the bark and fallen branches from the trees, mix in some useless weeds (I have a hate on for them right now) and start a small fire. Do you cook Eel? I never have before so I don’t know, oh well, shouldn’t hurt right?

I grabbed a larger stick, and ripped the Eel into sections, using the gathered weird wood, that burns quite well I might add. I spit them over the fire and turn them every now and then.

All this I did AWAY from the Oasis… place gives me the creeps now, for good reason. I found a moderately shady spot under a tree and tried to calm my nerves.

As I sit there, I notice a flashing icon in the top right of my vision. I raised my hand to click on it like you would on a tablet or touchscreen but… well lets just say to any onlookers I would look like a man desperately fighting off an insect.

Annoyed I try focusing on the flashing icon and to my surprise I could move it with my mind!

I drag it to the center of my vision and another green window pops up!

[Congratulations! You have learned a new Skill: Critical Bite!
Allow you to pierce through rough hide with your fangs alone! Inflicts incredible pain!]

[Congratulations! You have learned a new Skill: Outdoor Survival!
Chance to start a fire using wood and friction has increased by 5%
Fires started by you will last 5% longer if not smothered!]

[Congratulations! You have learned a new Skill: Cooking!
Meals will taste better and make you feel energized!
Proficiency: 10/100%]

[You have learned your first Skill! Would you like to review your skills in your Status Window? YES/NO]

“Eh? Skills? Status…?”

(Please hold while I scream internally…)



I think something in my brain just broke… I can’t believe this, all this time…

Why? Why God, why did you not tell me!?

Ugh… well at least now I know, but I really should have seen this coming, I mean come on, green notice windows and a game like introduction?

I must be showing my age because the younger me would have thought of this sooner! Though I am younger now physically… and I have been feeling a lot more energetic lately… aaah youth, a wonderful thing.

Anyway, lets see what we have here… without further ado I select yes. And a light green window showing my status appeared.

Name: Adam
Titles: Progenitor Age: 10
Race: Unknown Sex: Male
Strength: 30/100%
Agility: 60/100%
Perception: 50/100%
Endurance: 70/100%
Dexterity: 30/100%
Mind: 50/100%
Temperature Adaptation (Active/Passive)
Iron Scales (Active)
Infrared Sight (Active/Passive)
Critical Bite (Active)
Outdoor Survival (Passive)
Cooking (Passive)

Hmm, race is unknown? thats kind of unhelpful. Also I’m physically ten years old huh? Could have sworn I looked a bit older… my stats seem to be represented by percentiles. wonder if I’ll be a body builder at 100% strength.

I don’t seem especially strong, though that makes sense since I’m still pretty young. I’m definitely fast; running from danger is always a good option, I like running.

Endurance must be my ability to take a hit or keep running, something like that. Seeing as I’m rather healthy and my skin is tough, or is it scales? I can’t really tell aside from the pattern. Anyway I’m rather sturdy.

Low Dexterity I can understand, since I’m not exactly nimble in this new body, but what’s the deal with Perception and Mind?

I can’t seem to get information on them… frustrating. I guess Mind would be intelligence or wisdom? Maybe both?

Oi! I’ll have you know I was top of my class! Well except for mathematics… maybe it’s factoring my knowledge from this world as well… (My pride wont allow any other reason!).

I have a Progenitor Title, when I focus on it a window comes up telling me about how I am the first of my race and I have a duty blah blah, I saw that already. Only weird thing I noticed was a +10% to potency… I’m going to ignore that for now.

Aside from all that I have some skills I hadn’t known about, what do they do? How do I activate then?

I tried Infrared Sight, it was starting to get darker now, the sun was setting and the sky was orange and red, but the shadows were longer and I was sitting under an especially large tree.

I focused on the darkest place I could find and tried to activate the skill with my mind, much like I did in controlling that notification from earlier.

To my surprise my surroundings were changed, or rather I perceived them differently. The ground was many shades of red and orange there were blues here and there but I can tell already this ability is for when you absolutely can’t see. The details are a bit too hard to grasp when there’s too much light.

The other skills seem to be related to my Race, I guess you could call them Racial Abilities.

I should test the other skills later, right now; I’m kind of tired… Think I’ll sleep for now, away from the water of course. There doesn’t seem to be anything dangerous nearby, and I finished the Eel, so there shouldn’t be any scavengers.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go check out those strange oversized lizards I saw near the mountains.

There’s still a lot I need to learn about this place.

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