Volume 1 Chapter 3

I woke to the feeling of warmth; the sun was beating down on my face. Looks like the sun just rose not too long ago.

That’s good; I had a lot planned for today after all. First on the menu would be trying to use my Skills.

After about an hour, though I can’t really tell… could have just felt like an hour… I managed to activate and understand a bit about my Racial Abilities.

First one I tried was Temperature Adaptation; I thought it might not work since it was semi passive. However I was pleasantly surprised.

It looks like I was wrong about being warm blooded, whether its due to my peculiar skin or something internal I can’t see. I am able to change the temperature of my body at will.

Wasn’t there some kind of crazy technique in my old world that gave people unbelievable resistance to cold? I read about it once… a guy climbed Everest in his boxers or something.

Anyway this seems to actually cool or warm up my blood, though I can’t make my blood run cold, it does help with regulating temperature.


Iron Scales was a bit difficult to use, I had to acknowledge the fact that I now had scales instead of skin. Though they feel soft and seamless, they are actually separate thin scales that were tight to my body and perfectly flexible.

I then focused on the scales of my arm, and spoke out the name of the skill to help me focus, and what happed next was rather intriguing.

Each scale bulged out slightly, like they became thicker, they also overlapped now like the scaled of some snakes. They turned a dark shade of metallic grey and then settled into their new form.

Wow, I touch the scales and to my surprise I can’t feel anything from my pokes and prodding. They became a sort of armour… that should be useful.

I relaxed my focus and retracted the skill, and my arm returned to normal. At least now I don’t feel quite so… naked.

Even though I am very naked… in a way I hope I don’t see Eve until I rectify this issue… Hmm, is that why we were separated?

Putting my current nudist nature aside, I go on to the next task at hand, that is, I want to learn a skill.

I know, I know, last night I learned three already, but I want to know if I can actively learn them.

So I set out to climb a tree… yup, I want the Climbing skill. I figure if there are skills like Cooking and Outdoor Survival, there must be other skills I can get from doing tasks or overcoming obstacles.

I wasn’t doing this because I saw a round fruit like object on top of the tree… seriously! I really thought this out beforehand!

Of course there was just one problem, the tree was huge, I mean I can’t even wrap my arms around it. So I settled for trying to awkwardly shimmy up the trunk at a slow pace.

After about twenty minutes the same flashing exclamation mark appeared in my vision and I opened by focusing on it… difficult to do while holding on for dear life.

[Congratulations! You have learned a new Skill: Free Climbing.
You have demonstrated the ability to climb without supports, and will now find it easier to do so over time!
Proficiency: 2/100%]

[Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Reckless One.
For demonstrating a disregard for your own safety you will now be given a +5% to Perception and Dexterity when Title is equipped!]

[Notice: Since Progenitor is a permanent Title, Reckless One has been automatically equipped!]

Eh? Reckless? Now that I think about it this was kind of a stupid idea…

Oh well, I’m already half way up so I might as well go the rest of the way… though truth be told I’m unsure about how I should get down… “Gulp”

On the bright side, after nearly falling five times and fining out these trees are not as sturdy at the top as on the bottom I was able to raise my proficiency to a whopping 7%!

On another note, I picked the strange ‘fruit’ at the top… basically… it’s a round banana. Yup, think of a banana and make it the size of a beach ball and completely round. It wasn’t quite ripe, and I can’t eat it until I get down.  If it’s even edible…

It was tough but I managed to get down by sliding and climbing down in intervals with the fruit in hanging from a peel in my mouth. I really don’t want to do that again… I think I just got a fear of heights.

However the fruit was rather good, I mean I know I shouldn’t eat it since I don’t know if it’s poisonous or not. But I was kind of desperate.

Despite looking like a round banana it tasted similar to a kiwi. Though maybe that’s due to it not being quite ripe yet?

Anyway, I learned a new skill, and was able to activate the others as well. I think it’s time for a bit of exploring? I mean I can’t stay in this little Oasis forever, even if I have become a little attached.

So I took the other half of the weird fruit (I only ate half, thing is big after all) and set off in the direction of the mountains.

I can’t get over how this world looks. It’s so rocky and devoid of life in some places, yet there is life here and there if you look for it.

Especially close to water sources.

Maybe I was just dropped in a desert like area? Though there isn’t much sand to speak of.

The sky is rather colourful, vibrant yellow with small white clouds. I haven’t seen many animals save for the Eel and the herd of giants yesterday.

When I was up in that tree I tried to get a bigger picture of my surroundings. It was all frighteningly similar. There were Oases the dotted to land, giving life to the lifeless plains.

I could still see the herd from yesterday, though they seemed further away from the mountains now.

There seemed to be a larger concentration of clouds to the west. Maybe it rains more over there? I should go check after I check out the locals a bit.

Hmm, though I guess I’m a local here now. It never really sunk in that this is my world now… makes me feel… nothing. Huh, that’s weird, well I guess it’s to be expected… I didn’t have anything in my previous world.

My mother raised me herself but passed away while I was in College. She was always sickly, and no matter what the doctors did she just didn’t get better. She would have been the only thing tying me down there, but she passed… so here I am, not even a little homesick. Never knew what happen to good old Dad.

It took me a few hours so walk close enough to the herd so I could get a closer look. I hid behind a large boulder… there were plenty to choose from. The land was rockier then usual.

Yet still there was vegetation growing here and there thanks to the stream, it wasn’t very deep, maybe up to my knee in the deepest parts. But that’s not what I was focused on.

Huge… that’s all I can say regarding these monstrous lizards. They resemble dinosaurs a lot, to be exact though; they look like a Dimetrodon but also resemble a Triceratops with two large horns and a thick muscular body.

As I silently observed I found that they must be Herbivores, they ate the weeds along the stream and seemed almost lazy in their movements.

Hmm, if I had to call them something it would have to be… Reptileous Giganticus!

[Confirmed: Reptileous Giganticus has been named, would you like to set it as the Clade name or Species name?  CLADE/SPECIES]

Wait what? I named them? Wait… now that I think about it, a lot of things around me don’t have a name… from the World to my Race… does that mean I have to name them all for them to show up in my notifications?

That’s just lazy! Why didn’t the world bother to name its own creations!?

How rude…

You shouldn’t just make something then get bored of it and move on to the next one!


“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to name them… would definitely help me remember their names I guess…” I whisper quietly while considering the widow in front of me.

Clade, from my understanding is a term given to a group and creatures that fall under the same category whereas species would be the race name and is singular to that race.

Well if there are any other huge lizards out there than I guess this name best suits them as a whole, even if I said it jokingly at the time… I select CLADE and named the species Triodon, combining the two names of the dinosaurs these things resemble.

Just as I did so, I heard a cry of pain further away down stream… something was attacking the Triodon!

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