Volume 1 Chapter 7

[Warning: an Epic Monster has appeared, proceed with caution!]

E-epic? This is a freaking DRAGON! I admit I was surprised about magic being a reality here… but Dragons too!?

Should I try running? But where should I run? It came from that tunnel so that must be the way out no? In other words… I’m trapped! If I run down one of the other tunnels… who knows where I’ll end up… I’ll just get completely lost wont I?

Maybe I can fight it? HA! Yeah right, a Hedge Raptor very nearly ate me! A Dragon is out of the question! No chance, Nadda, Zip, Game Over man, Game OVER!

It’s just staring at me… its eyes look like they are gazing at a lump of meat. I should try Identifying it… maybe it will give me a clue for escaping this certain death situation.

[World Dragon: [Dragon Progenitor] Stand in awe, for the ultimate Lord of earth and sky is before you.
World Dragons are not strictly native to one world; they appear when worlds governed by the laws of magic are formed. Created by the excess Magical Energy from the very creation of the world. They are Immortal Existences and often are perceived as Gods or Demons. This one is still rather young. [Anxiety Level: 5%]]

Oh… is that all?

I feel as though something irreplaceable has broken inside me. Well, it was a nice dream but it looks like Eve will have to carry on without me. I’m sure she can find some way to reproduce without me… yeah maybe not.

Do I seem calm? Hmm, maybe that’s what broke… I think my fear and anxiety was so great they kind of just stopped working… what’s with that?

Oh well, I’ve got nothing to lose so I might as well try talking to it right? I mean it clearly knows I am no threat. Yet it just stands there… is it curious? It’s certainly not afraid of me… I mean its anxiety is rather low.

Well… let’s give it a shot.

“Eh… hello, want some Boulder Crab? Very delicious and super nutritious!”

GAH! That was terrible! Why am I trying to feed the giant Dragon of doom!? Might as well butter myself up with a side of crab!

Fortunately it doesn’t seen to be hungry… rather it kind of looks confused. It probably doesn’t understand my language; not surprising considering it comes from another world.

The World Dragon lets out a deep hum… yeah I’m confused, I was expecting a growl or a roar, possibly a close up of its teeth, but it almost looks like it’s… considering something. Thinking deeply.

Ah that’s right, World Dragons are intelligent, it may not know my words but it does know they have meaning?

Something like that…

I honestly didn’t think I would be alive for this long, hurray for buying time! Though I don’t think I’ll stay a curiosity for much longer. It seems to have come to a conclusion over whatever it was thinking about.

The Dragons head lowered down to face level with mine. We’re literally looting eye to eye. And oh my… what bit eyes it has! They are rather beautiful if you can get over how imposing they are.

Also now that I see it up closer… its scales are not grey… but silver. They reflect the surrounding colours splendidly, and the stone around here is all shades of grey with a few limestone and sandstone deposits here and there.

Its eyes are locked on mine and… ehg… what… is this…

My head… splitting…

A screeching sound pierces my mind; it’s not really painful so much as nauseating. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to pry my eyes away from its gaze. Even though I’ve fallen to my knees… it wont let me look away.

I don’t know how long we were staring into each other’s eyes… I lost track of time, everything started to feel so surreal. Then… slowly… I started to see images, soaring above the clouds… a great lake of lava… I heard the first screams of a newborn world.

How could I tell what they were? It’s strange… but I just know… is the Dragon imparting onto me some kind of understanding through feelings? Ah… I didn’t figure that out… it just told me. Weird… it feels like I’m thinking and feeling these things but it’s actually her.

Yes… it is a she… the mother of all dragons. I understand now.

Not only is she sharing her own thoughts and feelings but she is also taking from my own. She seems to be examining my mind… should I be worried? No… she only wants to know my words… to communicate more smoothly.

A few minutes after it began… or maybe it was hours… it ended. The stream of images and feelings stopped and I was left… alone. I felt an overwhelming sense of loss… of loneliness.

It had felt like for the first time in either of my lives I had truly become close to someone… and then they were gone… nothing but silence and darkness where they once were.

Slowly I came back to my senses… I don’t feel fear for this Dragon now. I respect the fact that she could crush me without even trying. Yet I understand that is not her intention. She has been alone for hundreds of years. The thought of finding someone intelligent and conversing with him never even crossed her mind.

And yet here we are.

She closed her eyes and raised her long scaly head back up high.

“Such a strange creature you are… these words… They are interesting.”

A soft feminine voice echoed inside my mind. It wasn’t like before, she was simply speaking telepathically. Honestly I wouldn’t have known the difference had I not felt it. Before it was more like… our minds occupied the same space, whereas now we are simply transmitting words through thought. Or she is rather… I don’t know that trick unfortunately.

“You… wow. I don’t even know what to say… that’s a first.”

When I speak it sounds like I haven’t drank anything for days. I take the time to stumble over on unsteady legs over to the nearby stream.

She let out a hum that sounded almost akin to laughter, an odd sound that didn’t quite match her ferocious appearance.

“That is natural, I have attempted to communicate with beasts before, and they usually feint or go wild. You did surprisingly well.”

Honestly she seems to be very satisfied… I felt her loneliness when we were connected. Even if it’s in a way she isn’t quite used to she seems pleased with just being able to communicate.

I kind of know how she feels… I’ve only been alone for… well I don’t exactly know how long since I’m in a cave. But it hasn’t been hundreds of years for sure. Honestly I was already starting to lose it a little in that short amount of time.

“Now then… little one, what exactly are you? I tried to find out through the… union… however I found no answers.”

What am I? Huh… good question, I’ve gone about naming things haphazardly recently yet I myself am still an Unknown. The only thing I do know is that my name is Adam… I do not however know who gave me that name. I guess I figured it was all a part of that quest I got.

“My name is Adam, I was… recently born in this world. Honestly I don’t know exactly what I am. However… if you would give me a moment?”

She didn’t seem surprised over this revelation… chances are she knew my name already. However she hadn’t pried too deeply into my mind. So she couldn’t have known about my other life or that I was only recently born

However she seemed to understand what I meant. Interesting… maybe she can give me some solid answers about this place and where I fit into all of it.

First and foremost though… what should I call my race? I’m a scaled humanoid, my scales are soft and have the elasticity of flesh when in a relaxed state, however when I activate my racial ability Iron Scales they look almost snakelike.

Scales… Scalian? Hmm it’s good, but it only speaks of my lizard like attribute. I’m also similar to a mammal, I have warm blood… well it can very in temperature but it never runs cold… I tested it.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about the physical… were there names for lizard men on Earth? I seem to remember a few… Saurian means lizard like… there was this one guy in Mortal Kombat named Reptile… Gaaaah! This is way harder than I thought it would be.

I look at the World Dragon and she seems to be humming to herself… or is she just getting bored? I shouldn’t keep her waiting. After all an annoyed World Dragon is a very bad thing to have too close.

Ok I’ll go with Saurian for the Clade name, but what of my actual Race?

Hmm… I always liked Greek mythology… there was a Gorgon, they were known to be half snake… but I lack the whole stone gaze and the crazy snake hair… for now.

How about Cecrops? Not the most well known myth but Cecrops was the founder first king of Athens. It was said he was born from the earth and was half snake half man.

Sounds about right.

Okay! From now on I am a Humanoid Saurian Secropsian! It sounds nice… and I like the meaning behind it… very nice… hope Eve approves.

[Confirmed: Secropsian of the Humanoid Saurian Clade has been named.]

[Congratulations! You have received a Race Name! Your status window will now show Secropsian as your Race!
Secropsians are versatile and intelligent. They have great potential for growth and a solid foundation in Agility and Endurance. They hold the capacity for growth in numerous ways.]

Also I hadn’t noticed it before but I had gained a new ability from before when I was… mind jacked? Anyway…

[Congratulations! You have learned a new Ability: Lesser Telepathy!
The eyes are the window to the soul, or in this case the mind. You can now telepathically converse with anyone or anything that looks you directly in the eye. Maximum distance ten meters.]

Not sure how useful this will be… but it is certainly a welcome addition. I guess when she went poking around in my head she had to… rewire a few things… not sure how I feel about that.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, as I said, my name is Adam and I am a Secropsian. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance.” I bowed my head in a show of respect.

Nailed it! That was my best greeting; I decided not to flatter her too much… seeing as she can see right through me… literally. She already knows I’m in awe of her… couldn’t hide that since it was in the forefront of my mind when we connected.

She was busy sniffing my makeshift pack when I spoke and drew her attention back to me. She seems to have insatiable curiosity… I admire that in a person… or Dragon in this case.

“Oh? You are finally done thinking to yourself? this is good. Secropsian was it? I suppose that will do.”

Oy! I put a lot of thought into that! …And thus my conversation with a World Dragon began.